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Do you have relatives in another state? Are you thinking of moving? Do you want to see what’s happening in your out-of-state college student’s city? Wonder how a national news event was covered by the home front? Have you moved recently and want to stay in touch with events in your old town?

Well, this is place to do that. If you are moving, this is a great way to find a new job. Check out their local paper. This is also a great way to check out local weather forecasts if you are traveling.

You start by clicking on the state. This takes you to a listing of newspapers organized alphabetically, with their city in parenthesis next to the link. I chose the Rocky Mountain News, a Denver newspaper. You all know how I’m simply gaga for their airport! While surfing around, I found this really great article on their hometown soldiers cleaning up a cemetery to honor their fallen comrades past and present. This cemetery dates back almost 200 years. I was touched by the sentiment. It reminded me of the old pioneer cemetery in my hometown of Lorain, Ohio.

If you’re curious, you could find out what’s happening in Toledo, where this newsletter hails from. Just click Ohio as the state, and then choose the Blade from the newspaper list. It will take you to the Toledo Blade site where you will probably see coverage of the local race for mayor.

For me it was also really interesting to see all the different names of papers from the Ely Echo (Ely, Minnesota) to the Salina Sun (Salina, Utah) and many more. I also use this site to stay on top of what’s happening where my parents lived and to check the obituaries and birth announcements back home. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your roots.

It’s a lot of fun to find out what’s going on outside your own town. What’s happening near you, I wonder?


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