Checking up on kids' web use and clearing history

Checking up on kids’ web use and clearing your web history

Want to know what sites the kids (or your spouse) have been visiting on the internet? Besides the #1 rule of internet parenting (No child should use the web without at least periodic living human supervision), you can check the sites in History. In Internet Explorer, the icon looks like a clock with an arrow going counter-clockwise.


The history menu will open on the left side of the screen, and you can select how you wish to view it. If you want to allow for the occasional misleadingly innocent-looking link, you can view what pages have been viewed most often. If you are concerned about a specific time period, you can view the history by date.


Lots of kids (and spouses) are savvy to this trick and will clear the history after web misbehavior, but you’ll at least notice the blank history. There are also legitimate reasons to clear the history, like reclaiming cache space, but it isn’t a daily task. Here are directions on clearing the history.

~ Chris Fisher

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