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Do Something

“Do Something inspires, supports, and celebrates young people changing their world.” Lots of children want to help their peers in other locations but don’t know how. This wonderful site gives them ideas on how to help. Besides looking great on your child’s college application many years down the road, a recent survey of students and teachers found:

91% said Do Something increases self-confidence
61% said Do Something increases students’ academic performance and reduces school discipline problems
87% said Do Something increases student and staff morale
77% said Do Something increases parental and community involvement at school

The biggest benefit is that kids are helping people! Their current project is helping the kids who’ve been affected by the hurricanes that have blasted our country. The project is to collect new school supplies, stuff them into a backpack, and ship the backpack to Ponchatoula High. You’ll find suggestions on what to put in the backpacks and drop off locations with the links on the front page. The deadline has been moved to October 15th, due to hurricane Rita.
Below this main section you will find three more sections: Awards, Challenge Yourself, and The Magazine.

The 2006 Brick Award application and previous winners are on the Awards page. If you have a great idea but no cash to implement it, you can apply for the $500 grant that will be awarded in May.

“The Do Something BRICK Awards honor and fund change-makers age 25 and under who identify problems in their communities, and then get up off the sofa and do something to change their world. Each winner in the “18 and under” category receives a $5,000 scholarship and a $5,000 grant; winners in the “19-25″ category each receive a $10,000 grant. All winners receive pro bono services, media recognition, and the chance to schmooze with celebs at the annual star-studded BRICK Awards Gala.”

The Challenge Yourself page lists other challenges for your child or students, like clean up projects, fitness projects, and many more.

BUILD Magazine is written by and for young people changing their world. Here you can find articles on kids who are doing something to help, from sharing teddy bears to the making recycling a reality. I found these articles helpful and educating.

This site makes you want to get out and Do Something.

~ Amanda

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