Kids Do Ecology

Kids Do Ecology

Ecology was taught when I was in school, but we never really got in depth with it. Now kids can, with the help of this site.

Learn about Ecology explains what ecology is, what careers they could have as an ecologist, experiment pages, and Frequently Asked Questions.

World Biomes. I’ll be honest. I had no idea what a biome is, let alone who studied it or why. Luckily, “What is a Biome?” is the first section in this area. Next, you can learn about the Number of Biomes, and the List of Biomes.

Moving onward, we have Marine Mammals. Scroll your mouse of the circular images to find the different sections here. There’s Activities, Species Info, About the Data, Transect Info, and Comments. Here you can check out graphs, find migration patterns, learn about the different species of marine mammals. My favorite are the sea otters. I think this section is a great teaching aid. Teachers, the Comments area is just for you, so make sure you check it out!

KDE Santa Barbara are kids putting ecology into motion. These kids are ecologists in the making. They did all kinds of experiments, and you can take a gander at them by checking out the Class pages.

Conservation Projects talks a lot about Common Ground in Conservation, which is looking to educate people about endangered species and how humans can effect them through conservation.

I adore the Teachers section, there are tons of handy things there. A lot of the links provided could help you get started with ecology in your classroom, and some the links are just so darned neat, like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Smithsonian Zoo, and the Institute for Ecosystem Studies where you can find a list of resources for school/or backyard projects. Keep this one around for Science Fair season!

EcoLinks has a ton of links for kids to sites that are ecology-related to further explore the ecosystem. My favorite is Dragonfly TV, which is full of biology and ecology experiments and videos.

This great site is full of stuff for your kids to check out on a rainy day when they can’t run around outside and play.

~ Amanda

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