Simply Fired: If you don't laugh, you'll cry

Simply Fired: If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

This site hosts a monthly contest for outrageous stories about job loss, whether you call it getting fired, laid off, or downsized. August’s most amazing stories can be found under the Winners tab. Could you imagine being fired from your office over a leftover slice of pizza? Balloon animals? Mishearing the word “microfilm”?

It’s all happened to somebody out there, and now they have a place to share their often-hilarious, nearly unbelievable woe. The stories range from the office cube environment to delivery services and retail stores. Reading most of the entries, I was torn between the need to giggle and the need to gasp, “Noooo. No way!” Just be careful. One of this month’s honorable mentions was fired for reading Simply Fired on the job!

This month’s story contest ends on Friday, so if you have a real doozy of a tale, you can still win some pretty neat prizes. If nothing else, this site is a great reminder that, as my mom says, “It could always be worse!”

~ Chris (Your Amanda Stand-in for the Day)

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