HELP: Impartial Information for Older Adults cool site

HELP: Impartial Information for Older Adults

“Helping People Meet Aging-Related Legal and Care Challenges.” This site can answer your and your love ones’ questions regarding Financial, Legal, Care, End-of-Life, Consumer, Medi-Cal, and General.

From planning your retirement to dealing with your property taxes, the financial section has all the information you need to make smart decisions.

The H.E.L.P. legal pages have information and advice on issues relating to power of attorney, legal referral services, and private consultations.

The Care section discusses health issues that affect older adults. From Eye care to Medicare issues to Making the Most of Your Doctor visits, it covers what things you need to tell your doctors, answers to questions about certain conditions, and the effects of aging on the body.

The End-of-Life section covers living wills, power of attorney for medical care, and even includes a check list to do when you lose someone you loved.

The Consumer section discusses making sure that consumers are not taking advantage of you. From Identity theft to scam artists trying to get your money, you can find a lot of great information here in this section on how to deal with these things.

The Medi-Cal section teaches residents of California about their state’s version of the Federal Medicaid program. Learn about its eligibility requirements, the limitations of supplemental coverage, and other common misunderstandings of the Medi-Cal rules.

The General section discusses things that didn’t really fit into other categories, like Driving, Important Planning Tips, and even an Aging Preparedness Kit.

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