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Outhouses of America Tour

Today we prove that there is a website out there dedicated to everything. Surprisingly, there is a lot of great free site content here. Just scroll down past the commercial stuff and we will start our tour with the navigation area. This site is divided into categories: Definitions, Trivia etc., Real Outhouses, Models & Miscellaneous, Drawings and Funny Postcards, and An Exploding Outhouse.

The Definitions section tells you what an outhouse really is, and other things it can be called, for example, a privy.

The first thing in the Trivia section really is worth seeing. This poster of the poem The Passing of a Backhouse has all these little characters drawn on it, and they’re all saying something. It’s really neat. If you want to just read the poem without straining your eyes, just go to the next link in the section and read the illustrated version.

The History of Thomas Crapper and a Collection of Antique Loos shows old toilet and plumbing fixtures that were designed by Thomas Crapper. I would follow up by reading the section Flushed with Pride the story of Thomas Crapper. This man revolutionized the water closet (W.C.) with his inventions in sanitation, but he did not invent the water closet. His history is a very interesting read. If you want to read more I suggest following the link back to the Thomas Crapper & Co. site.

Next I’d like to talk about the Outhouse Diggers section. Digging Up the Past was fairly remarkable reading about these men who dig up outhouses and all the things they would find, like antique glass bottles and tools, saws, adzes, cups, plates, tooth brushes, and other odds and ends.

In the next section, Real Outhouses, there is an entire gallery of pictures of actual outhouses.

The Models and Miscellaneous section has hand-made models of outhouses, outhouse collectors, and much more. There is just too much to list.

Drawing and Funny Postcards has drawings, animations, postcards… yep, all of outhouses. I liked the rocket-powered outhouse the best.

At first I thought the Exploding Outhouse would involve demolitions. Then I found out it was a cleverly crafted toy/model of an outhouse. You put a quarter in it. That sets off the trigger, and the outhouse explodes. It’s really neat with great pictures. Check it out!


~ Amanda

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