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Have you ever wondered how Q-Tips got their name? Want to find out how Band-Aids come from Listerine? What would you do if you were President for a day? Well, you can do that at this site.

I have to admit that I fell in love with this site and spent a good two hours of my day just reading the articles. The slogan of this site is “Stuff You Never Needed To Know, But Your Life Would Be Incomplete Without.”

On the main page you’ll find lots of articles, like the Bath School Disaster, U.S. Camel Brigade, and a nifty article called Fast Facts where you can get a bunch of neat facts all at once.

Just click the link to read any of these articles. I really liked the Antarctica’s Red Light District article about the mating habits of penguins. A few other favorites were the article on David Rice Atchison who was President of the United States for a day, or how S.O.S pads came to be.

After you’ve had your fill of the front page, scroll to the bottom and click the image with the three arrows that reads “Click here for more stories.” This takes you to a page where the stories are in categories: Forgotten Genius, Hmm.., Incredible Stories of Survival, Inventive Genius, Presidents and Rulers, Unbelievable!, Why? Why? Why?, You’ve Got to Be Kidding!, and other site files.

The other site files area includes information about the author, the site, some photos, and even some links.

~ Amanda

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