Change Windows Themes or Views

Redecorating Windows

Themes are complete redecoration packages for your desktop. A typical theme will contain a coordinating screen saver, icons, fonts, colors, window borders, cursors, and sometimes even sounds. XP offers the Windows Classic and Windows XP themes automatically. You can find others online or install them from CDs.

Right-click your desktop and choose Properties.


The Display Properties window will appear. Click the Themes tab and choose one from the list. If you like what you see in the sample box, click OK to apply the theme to your computer.


To delete a theme from your hard drive, follow the above routine to get to the Themes tab, then highlight the theme you want to delete and click the Delete option. I would recommend against deleting the Windows Classic or Windows XP themes. Yeah, you might think you’re never going to use them again, but we’ve noticed that some tips work only for the XP view on some folks’ systems. Don’t redecorate yourself into a corner.

~ Chris Fisher

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