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Pumpkin Carving

Here you will not only learn how to carve pumpkins, but you will also find some really nifty pumpkin carving patterns to use this year. You’ll find the navigation on the side menu. Let’s get started.

The first section we come across is Pumpkin Carving History. Here you can learn the history of carving jack-o-lanterns and how it all got started.

Next is Choosing Your Pumpkins. The first step is knowing how you want to carve them ahead of time, as this will dictate the size of the pumpkin. You don’t want a pumpkin that is too large, and you definitely don’t one that is too small. One year, we bought small pumpkins to carve. Let me tell you that was a pain in the neck.

After you’ve chosen your pattern and your pumpkin, what do you need next but tools? Well, check out the Tools of the Trade section to find out what kind of tools are recommended to transform your gourd into something lovely, scary, or funny.

The next two sections deal with carving your pumpkin. Traditional Carving and Carving with Stencils will definitely get you through the carving of your pumpkin with minimal fuss. Traditional Carving is freestyle; you just get your tools and get to work. For more detailed carving, you’ll want to use a stencil. I really love the cat stencil that they use in Carving with Stencils example.

The section Lighting Your Pumpkins discusses fire safety and your lighting options. You can either use candles as is traditional or you may want to head to your Halloween headquarters in town or party store to buy a pumpkin light. I prefer candles myself, but everyone’s taste is different.

Now you may find yourself wondering “how long will my pumpkin last?” According to the Life-Span of a Pumpkin section, your pumpkin can last anywhere from a week to a day, depending on the weather. But this section offers interesting ways to preserve your pumpkin and make it last a little longer, like refrigerating it at night, coating it in petroleum jelly, and so on.

The next section discusses how to best photograph your pumpkin. If you want to preserve the images for your scrapbooks, you may want to check this section out. It had some great ideas for getting the best picture of your pumpkins. In Photographing you’ll learn how to get the best picture possible.

The Pumpkin Burial Tradition section discusses the site owner’s tradition for getting rid of their pumpkins after Halloween. They quite literally have a funeral for them. I think that this could be great fun for a family. I wonder if it has any good effects on the soil in the area? This could be a good idea for gardeners out there!

The last section of the site is Your Own Pumpkin Patch. This section gives some tips for growing and caring for your own pumpkin patch. This could be something fun to do with your kids or grandkids, and then next year you could harvest your pumpkins for carving. That would be really cool.

I love getting together with my family and carving the pumpkins for Halloween. I can’t wait to do it this year. I think I’m going to try and make that kitty stencil for my pumpkin.

~ Amanda

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