F1 Help and FAQ for troubleshooting PC problems

Troubleshooting Technical Difficulties

It seems like the majority of technical difficulties occur after business hours or on weekends. Sometimes you’ll be lucky, and we’ll have a tip in our searchable tip archive that already addresses your problem. If we don’t, here is another route to solving email problems. Most Microsoft programs have a similar help file under F1 that may link to the official MS help pages online. Just look around in the dropdown menus for a help or FAQ option.

In Outlook Express, hit F1 or go to Help and choose Contents and Index.


A new window will appear, asking you to type in a keyword. You might need to try a few different searches to get what you need. For basic problems, try troubleshooting or error. For example, when I typed in error, the nearest entry was error messages, troubleshooting.


To see the available information on the topic, click on the phrase in the list to highlight it, then click the Display button. Like I said before, most Microsoft programs (and many other companies’ software) have searchable help files like this. No more waiting for the next business day for help!

~ Chris Fisher

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