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Remember the Milk

I make lists for everything, from what I need to get done for WorldStart to house chores to grocery lists. When I found this site I was delighted! So after checking out the Learn More link, I readily signed up. It’s free!

This is a very thorough planner and list maker. The first screen you see when you sign up and log in is the Overview area. You’ll have one task already assigned to you. That task is to “Try out Remember the Milk”. I headed over to the Tasks section next.

There you can check off your first task and click complete. This will make “Try Out Remember the Milk” go away. To add tasks, just click the bright blue link Add Task. Before you start adding tasks, check out the Inbox, Personal, Study, Work, and Sent tabs.

The Inbox is like your e-mail inbox, but instead of getting e-mail you can receive lists from other users. This could be really fantastic to use for family chores, or tasks from your boss at work. You can send lists to other users in the Sent area. I keep my housework, grocery, and general to-do lists in the personal area, but you can use it for whatever you need. There are also Study and Work areas for organizing those lists.

You can even set some items to repeat or to have due dates. This allows you to focus on the really important things without forgetting about little things like lunch. (Yes, I often forget to eat lunch.) You can tell at a glance if you have a project that is overdue, due today, or even due tomorrow.

In the Contacts section, you can invite people to join, manage the other users you may already have, and so on. In the Settings section, you can edit your user information, like what country you are from and your time zone.

If you have a question check the site’s Help section to see if it has already been answered. This section also lists keyboard shortcuts to help you use this site more easily.

I can’t wait to put this site to work. I’m going to be very organized, and it will be much easier to multi-task the millions of things I need to get done.

~ Amanda

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