Copy Column Widths in MS Excel

Copy Only Column Width?

How much time have you wasted changing and re-changing column widths trying to match one column with another in MS Excel? You could use the Format menu, Column sub-menu, Width choice and enter the width you need. Of course, then you’d have to know exactly what width you need and keep it all straight… not worth the time.

Do you have to go back to highlighting all the columns that should match and resizing yet again? No, certainly not!

Let’s take a look at copying just the column width from one column to another. The first step is to have a cell selected in the column that has the width you want to transfer.

Copy that cell. .Use the Copy button, Ctrl + C, Edit menu, Copy choice… whatever method you prefer.

Now select a cell in the column that needs the new width.

Here you’re looking to use Paste Special. You can reach this via the Edit menu or a right click.

Once you’re in the Paste Special window, locate the Column Width choice.


Select it and click OK.

Poof! Just like magic, the width of the new column is altered without transferring any of the data or other formatting from the copied cell!

~ April

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