The Never-Disappearing Borders

The Never-Disappearing Borders

Ever run across a cell border in MS Excel that just wouldn’t disappear? I mean you’ve turned that border off over and over again and yet that crazy line is still there!

What now?

Is Excel broken?

Much to everyone’s relief, Excel is not broken you just happen to have more borders then you realize.

If you set cell borders to overlap then removing one of them only does half the work.

Wait… I can just hear it now – “borders that overlap?” Let’s say in adjoining cells you select both top and bottom borders – now you’ve got borders that overlap. The top of one cell is the bottom of the one above it. Get it?

Good – moving on.

In order to remove the line completely you’ll need to remove both the top and bottom borders – removing only one leaves the other behind to mess up your worksheet.

If you’re using the Borders button to control borders then you could simply select the No Border option to remove all of them.


But, if you’ve got something complicated then you’ve used the Format menu, Cells choice (Ctrl + 1), Borders tab.


It’s here that you can get very detailed in the location, line style, color, etc… of your borders – just be sure to keep the overlapping border dilemma in mind as you try to remove that stubborn line!

~ April

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