3D Fun


Do you constantly find yourself looking for a way to “jazz up” a document, presentation or worksheet?

Most of you already know that you can use the Drawing Toolbar’s AutoShape feature to create simple shapes for emphasis.

Maybe something like this:


Look familiar?

Yes, that’s right, it’s pretty much the shape used in the title but with one huge difference—that title is in a 3D form. Way more interesting, don’t you think?

Well, if you agree, then read on because you’ll want to know the rest.

Once you have an object drawn (AutoShape, lines, rectangles, ovals, text boxes, WordArt, etc…) you need to make sure it’s selected.

(Try clicking on the object once to get the outside borders and/or handles.)

Now you’re looking for the 3D button on the Drawing Toolbar.


When you click the 3D button a palette of options will pop open. (If you’ve selected something that can not have the 3D effects then the options will be transparent and won’t work.)


Select a 3D choice and poof!

Your object has transformed from flat and boring to eye-popping.
Yeah! 3D effect without the goofy 3D glasses.

~ April

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