Draw Me Something

This takes me back to the days where I had an Etch A Sketch – which I never fully mastered but was still a lot of fun. I’d play with one now if I had one.

You can start by clicking the link Start Drawing – here you can find out how the controls work and what subject you’ve been given to draw. I drew everything from monsters to cows to bicycles. After you have finished your drawing, you can click the Save button to submit it to the site. To start another drawing just click Make a Drawing to continue.

The Latest Drawings link – will show you what drawings have recently been submitted to the site. There are pages and pages of these that you can look through. I’m glad to know I’m not the one who hasn’t mastered this art form 🙂

Top Rated Drawings – Here is where you can find the best of the best drawings that have been submitted. There are a lot of folks out there who can really draw with this thing. I saw this awesome portrait of the Mona Lisa done here. It was really amazing.

Well, while I had a lot of fun, you won’t be seeing any of my drawings in the Top Rated category. I think this is a fun site to chase away the winter blues or to play with kids who are out of school due to a Snow Day.

So, get out there and Draw Me Something! 🙂


~ Amanda

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