Paper Forest

Paper Forest

It amazes me what people can do with a simple piece of paper and some ingenuity. This is a blog devoted to paper art and artists. You can explore different artists from the side links as well as view galleries.

The first entry that greeted me had this great paper plane animation site listed. Just click the image and the site should load in another browser. Choose your model of plane and it folds the paper up into that plane’s shape, and allows you to rotate it view all its angles. I played with that for about 15 minutes before remembering I was supposed to be writing this article.

The next entry is Beautiful Paper Art. If you click the photo to view this one – it may ask you to install a Language Pack. Language Packs are used to support different languages in web sites. It is not needed to view the photos so I always click cancel. And, if you have the option, you can check a box that will tell it to never install language packs.

Besides, we’re here to drool over all the lovely paper art not to read his blog. The artwork by Peter Callesen in the Beautiful Paper Art section is a definite must see. You can check out more of his work here as well as read his biography.

Next we see really 3D paper art. You get a posting of Yee’s V8 engine paper sculptures. Click the picture to see the enlarged version. You can find a working link to Yee’s site in the text of this entry. This is definitely worth checking out. I find his stuff really amazing.

And that’s just a taste of what you’ll find here at this site. I know it made my Favorites list. I can’t wait for future updates – how about you?

~ Amanda

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