Replace It With Something Beautiful

Many of you know that you can add to Word’s AutoCorrect “replace as you type” list. You know, the little gadget quietly using a preset list to automatically correct many common typos such as changing “teh” into “the”.

Well, a question came in from a reader who was looking to put specially formatted text into this list so that a simple


might be replaced with


color and all. (And just think of the year round options for company names and other text that would need to be formatted differently from the rest of the document.)

Once again, an excellent question to which I was happily able to find a good answer.

To begin you’ll have to create and format the text exactly as you’ll want it to appear when the AutoCorrect feature does its job.

Now, highlight the text.

With the text still highlighted go to the Tools menu, AutoCorrect Options choice.

When the AutoCorrect window opens you should already be on the AutoCorrect tab.


At the bottom – in the “replace as you type” section you should see your formatted text “with” box. Double check that the Formatted text choice is selected.

On the left side is the Replace field – it’s here that you would enter the text combination that will trigger and be replaced with your formatted text by Word’s AutoCorrect feature. Be sure to choose something that would not usually come into use in an everyday document.

Click OK when you’re done.

Back into your document you go where you might want to go ahead and give your new trick a try.

Enter the text combination you chose (followed by a space or the Enter key) and watch Word complete the old switcheroo… plain old text gone – fancy, beautiful text it its place.

~ April


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