Case Sensitive Sorts

Case Sensitive Sorts

Do you sort a lot of data in MS Excel? Ever find that you have case sensitive data (part numbers, account numbers, etc.) that just don’t seem to sort properly? Does Excel ignore upper and lower case and sort purely on letter content? Is this a problem for you?

If it is, then it seems to me that you do a lot of manual manipulation of your data to get it all “in the right place.”

Want a way out of the manual manipulation?

No problem – unbeknownst to us for all this time, Excel can do sorts that are case sensitive.

I know by now you’re probably very interested, so let’s take a look at how to get Excel to cooperate.

Begin your sort as normal – that is, highlight the list to sort or select a cell in the data range to get Excel to select the whole thing for you.

Next, it’s off to the Data menu, Sort choice.

When the Sort window opens, locate and click the Options button.

Once in the Sort Options window, you’re looking to check the “Case Sensitive” option.

Click OK.

Upon returning to the Sort window, finish setting your choices, complete the sort and then it’s back to business as usual.

This time the sorted data should be sorted in a whole new light! Lower case items will be sorted before upper case and…

…you no longer have to rearrange anything by hand!

~ April

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