Earth Calendar

This is a fun site that allows you to find out what holidays are happening TODAY! Just click the Today button and see what holidays are celebrated on today’s date.

If that weren’t great enough on it’s own you can also use the tabs across the top of the page to check out holidays based on date, country, religion, and lunar phases.

Date – This is like a search engine. You put in the year, month, and date or the month and click Show Holidays and it will find holidays for that time span.

Country – here you will select the year and the country before clicking Show Holidays and it will find you all of that country’s holidays for that year.

Religion – looking for a specific holiday related to a religion? This is the section to do that in – just choose the religion and year and click Show Holidays.

Lunar Phases – this one threw me for a loop. So of course I had to check it out. It turns out this is really cool – it tells you when the full moons are for each month, and when there will eclipses. Pretty neat, huh?

So now you have access to the tool that will keep you on top of holidays from around the world.

~ Amanda

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