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Welcome to Find Law for the public. This means that you can find answers to your pressing law concerns before contacting a lawyer. Find information on just about any legal topic you’d ever want

The first thing the site asks you for is your zip code. Why do they need it? Well laws vary from State to State. Entering your zip code will help the site make the information you are searching for more pertinent to you.

The side menu is comprised of the search engine. Now you have a lot of search options with this engine. You can search topics, the message boards, and even find a lawyer near you.

I came to this site seeking specific information. My mom fell at work and broke her knee, now her doctor has forbidden her from going to work, so I wanted to make sure she was entitled to her pay still or at least could avoid termination. I also wanted to see if she needed to fill out worker’s comp forms or other paperwork. I wasn’t sure they even had worker’s comp where she works.

Turns out Slip & Fall accidents are very hard to take to court, I wasn’t looking to sue anyone really so I headed out of the Accident Section and into the Employee Rights section. It seems it’s all up to her employer and whether or not they have worker’s comp. But I did learn a lot about my rights as an employee.

Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate through the different sections. When you are in the section notice that the colored bar under the highlighted tab also has more links for you to investigate.

There is nothing like being able to be forewarned and forearmed when it comes to being on top of legal information that you have to deal with. So browse around and find the answers to your questions today.

~ Amanda

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