Sandal & Socks 4 Ever

Sandal & Socks 4 Ever

I’ve never understood the fad of wearing socks with sandals, yet I know that there have been times where I have done it. It helps that my sandals are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, extra squishy, kind of like walking on clouds but with great arch support. If you can’t tell I love them.

But I wonder if whoever started this trend knew just how big it would take off – even though it’s been criticized by the fashion elite.

When you get to the site you need to click Enter – then the site loads and you can vote for your favorite Soxer from a selection of 8 photos. Check the little empty white box by the top of your favorite photo, and then scroll down and click the Vote Now Button.

Are you a Soxer? Well if you are then, welcome to a site dedicated to Soxers. Get your camera handy and get a picture of you in your socks and sandals, and send it in, who knows you could be next years Soxer of the Year.

If your not – this site is still pretty interesting (and a bit strange), I couldn’t look away, I just kept scrolling and scrolling. After viewing this site – it seems like a guy thing. Besides, you might know a soxer to nominate!

And if you scroll far enough down you’ll discover that someone out there wanted to get in on this trend and make some money via the creation of the Sandal Sock. My favorite Soxer is the gentleman in the red kilt with matching red socks. Kudos to you sir!

~ Amanda

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