Just a Suggestion

Just A Suggestion

If you’re an avid reader of the MS Office Tips, then you’ve probably noticed by now that we tend to use the Options choice located in the Tools menu frequently. We may use it so frequently that by now you’re sick of the whole Tools menu, Options choice process.

If you’re a fan of keyboard shortcuts, then you probably already access this with Alt, T then O, but what about the people who want faster access, but prefer the mouse?

Here’s a suggestion that may bring a smile to their day.

Let’s add a button for the Options window to your existing toolbar!

Many of you know that you can add buttons, but I’m not sure people realize just how many items are available. I think you’re going to find that if you take the time to look through the commands, you can add a button for much more than you ever dreamed possible.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Let’s add that button for the Options window.

To begin, you need to open the Customize window. You can either use the Tools menu, Customize choice, or right click on any toolbar and choose Customize from the bottom of the menu that opens.

When the Customize window is open, go to the Commands tab.

In the left column (Categories) choose Tools.

Then in the right column (Commands) scroll down to find Options.

Once you’ve located Options click, hold and drag it to a toolbar. As you move across the toolbar you should see a vertical line appear indicating where the button will be located.

When you’ve found a location for your button that agrees with you, let go of the mouse button.


A button labeled as Options is created and you’ve now got one-click access to all that the Options window holds.

You can repeat this process in any of the Office Suite programs where you notice you use the Options window frequently.

By the way… yes, that is a Customize button you see next to my Options button! It’s another one I utilize so much that an extra button seemed like a time saver I could definitely put to good use.

~ April

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