Interfaith Calendar

Interfaith Calendar

These days many families consist of family members who practice different religions. Dad may celebrate Hanukkah while Mom celebrates Christmas and Aunt Sue observes Bodhi Day. How do you keep it all straight? With the Interfaith Calendar, that’s how. The Interfaith Calendar marks primary sacred times for world religions.

If you click the 2005 link then you’ll be able to see all the holidays that are left for December 2005, but to get the holidays for next year you need to click the 2006 link. You can find the links either in the middle of the page, or at the top of the page.

The default way to view the Interfaith Calendar is a listing. However, if you’d like to view it in traditional calendar form then click the Alternate Versions link. There you will be able to choose from Standard Calendar Format, Three Month Summary (for planning in advance), and Perpetual Calendar Dates.

On the side you’ll see a listing of religions. If you click the different links you can learn all about the religions. More in-depth information is provided in each section.

This is a great site to help you keep track of all the holidays that you and your loved ones celebrate.

~ Amanda

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