NORAD Tracks Santa

NORAD Tracks Santa

I stumbled across this site by taking a Christmas myth quiz where you answered true or false to the statements provided. I answered false for the statement:

“The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) tracks Santa and his reindeer across the sky every year on Christmas Eve. “

Turns out I was wrong! I just couldn’t picture them doing it but, it’s true, they do and now they have have a website, Norad Tracks Santa, where you and your kids or grandkids can track Santa.

Start surfing this site by choosing the language you want to view the site in. I clicked English, and away I went. You’ll find all the navigation on the side menu with the categories – Home, History, How We Do It, Santa, Celebrities, Cool Downloads, Systems Go, Tracker Tool-Box, and Troubleshooting.

Home – click this while surfing to get back to the main page.

History – learn all about why they track Santa and how it got started.

How We Do It – learn all about how they track Santa, including the famed Santacam.

Santa – this is a fun section that discusses Santa. From checking out little Virginia’s question of whether Santa is real or how many cookies he’s eaten to learning about Santa’s list and asking Santa questions.

Celebrities – here you will find celebrity holiday greetings in video format.

Cool Downloads – games, countdowns, maps, and much, much more wait to delight you in this section.

Systems Go – the test tracking video that let them know everything is ready to track Santa this Christmas.

Tracker Tool-Box – here you will find printable map, pretty nice ones at that.

Troubleshooting – if you run into problems with any of the media on the site then this is where you will want to head to see what you can do to get it running properly.

With this site you have everything you need to track Santa. Break out the cookies, gather the kids around and have yourselves a Merry Christmas!

~ Amanda

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