Sand Scuplture World Championships

Sand Sculpture World Championships

Welcome to the site where I lost myself in the images of sand sculpture for several hours. I know that I couldn’t judge this contest because I liked them all too much! It really amazes me what an artist can do with sand and water. Are you ready to start your adventure here?

Sculptor Information – this is where you can learn how you could compete in the World Championship of Sand Sculpting. People from all over the world come to compete in the World Championships, cultivating the best of the best sculptors for a fierce artistic competition. Check out the United Nations Link under Features to see what countries were represented at the competition.

Visitor Information – this tells you where the competition is held, what it costs to attend and how the competition works.

How They Do It – how do they make these amazing sand sculptures you ask? Well, check out this section to find out how they get all that sand to stay together, how they sculpt it and what strange tools they use to add detail work to the sculpture. When you’re done with the brief description on this page, you can scroll down to the bottom and find a link to a fuller text explanation under the last image on the page.

The Photo Gallery – ah yes, the meat of the site. Here you will find the images of the sculptures. Just click the links next to the image under this title. Your options are: Team, Doubles, Solo, Sculptor’s Choice, Special, Guinness Record and Hi-Resolution. There are a lot of sculptures for you to look at. Can you find some of my favorites? Horror Golf, Talking to the Moon, Reflections, Leap of Faith and In the End Everyone is a Winner.

And under the Features section, you can find the 2005 winners, check out “What’s Happening on the Beach” where you can see images of the sculptures as they are being built, or even watch the movies on the site. (The movies require Quick Time which you can get here. They are well worth watching to see the sculptors hard at work).

I hope you’re excited to explore these sandy sculptures. I know I’m going back for a second look right now!

~ Amanda

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