E-Mail It Quick

Do you use MS Outlook notes, tasks, calendar, etc? Ever find that you need to take a task or other item and create an email from it?

Here’s a quick way to take all this information from its original location into a new email without a single copy / paste or (banish the thought!) entering the information by hand twice.

Simply select the item that’s to create the email then click – hold – and – drag the item to the Inbox. You can drag to the Inbox in the Outlook bar or use the folder list at the top of the window (just below the toolbars).

When you drop the item into the Inbox, a new email will pop up containing all the information. No re-entering data, I promise! You just have to insert the recipients of the email and any additional comments for the message body.

Then, zoom! The message is gone, and you’re back to other pressing business.

~ April

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