An Update On Updating

An Update On Updating

In the last issue of the MS Office Tips newsletter (Thursday, October 27, 2005), we discussed formulas and using them in MS Word. At the time, my common sense meter must have been a quart or two low, because I simply wasn’t coming up with any of the good ways to get your formulas to recalculate and reflect any changes you’ve made to values.

I’m happy to report that with the help of a reader and some research, I have two ways for updating your calculated values to present today.

The first way is to select the value on the table that’s a result of a formula. I find it easiest to do by clicking into the center of the value. If you click once and the whole number becomes gray, then you’ve got it. If that doesn’t work for you, then highlight the value as usual from end to end.

Once the selection is complete, right click.


From the menu that pops open, choose Update Field.

As soon as you make the choice and the menu closes, you’ll be back in the table with the value updated to reflect data changes.

Don’t like that one? Then here’s another method.

Select the cell with the calculated value and then hit the F9 key. That’s it for that one – the method is that quick and easy!

Have a lot of formulas to recalculate in your table? No problem.

Select the whole table and hit the F9 key. Instantly, they’re all redone.

You’ve just gotta love those easy updates!

~ April

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