Liquid Sculpture

Liquid Sculpture

I devote a lot of my research time to different forms of art. I found this site and was awed and simply amazed. At first I thought they were actual sculptures, and then I found they were photographs and decided that was much cooler. The process is interesting, too. You can read all about the process in several places. Either check out the FAQ where it is described in the answers to the questions. Which you will find the link to next to the category Learn under the main picture on the page, or you can find it under the Info link at the top of the page. In the Info dropdown menu, you will also find an Artist’s Statement.

Also in the Info section you can read Articles and Interviews which go into the process in depth. Along with images to support what is being explained. All in all it is a really neat process used to create these images; it almost makes you want to try it.

The galleries are easily surfed with all the navigation options you have. They include Plain Water, Colored Water, Viscous Water, Milk and Cream, Various and Sundry, Squirts, Beads, and Free Fall.

I really loved the Milk and Cream category the best as the drops seem almost solid due to their coloring. This is an interesting art-form to say the least!

~ Amanda

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