Black and White Charts

Black & White Charts

Yesterday we discussed setting default colors in MS Excel when creating charts, while avoiding all the manual settings we used to complete the task.

But, what happens when you’re going to print the chart and you don’t have a color printer? Or, maybe you do have a color printer but are then going to turn around and copy the chart in black and white.

Ever feel the disappointment of finding that your beautiful and carefully selected colors are not cooperating when it comes to all this black and white stuff?

Let me tell you, I have and I hate it.

You could go through the hassle of setting all colors to something in the black/gray/white range but that’s quite a pain and doesn’t help much when we want to put that same chart into a presentation when color is necessary.

What now?

Well, unknown to many of us, there is a way to get Excel to show you a print preview in grayscale, avoiding all the hassle of changing colors and the disappointment of a bad printout.

Here’s the deal. After creating the chart, go to Page Setup. (You can either use the File menu, Page Setup choice or go to the Print Preview and click the Setup button).

If you didn’t have the chart selected when you began, then you’ll need to go to the Sheet tab.

In the middle (Print section), select “Black and white” and click OK.

If you began this process with the chart selected so that it would print full-page, then you’ll need to go to the Chart tab.

In the Printing quality section, select “Print in black and white” and click OK.

Either way, once that is done you can visit the Print Preview as often as you like and each time it will show you your chart in grayscale. You’ve got to agree, it’s an efficient way of eliminating the “will this show up on the printout” guessing game we’ve played all too often.

~ April

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