Custom Chart Colors – Permanently

Custom Chart Colors – Permanently!

Do you find that when you make a chart in MS Excel that you’re constantly clicking into the chart to change the colors of the bars, lines, etc?

How would you like to change the default colors Excel uses for charts, eliminating all that color switching you’re constantly working on?

Sounds like a good plan to me! I’m always changing those colors so if I can set Excel to create the charts my way automatically, I’m all for it.

Colors can be set through the Tools menu, Options choice.

In the Options window, you’re looking for the Color tab.

On this tab, you’ll find three basic areas of colors you can set.

The top area is the Standard color palette offered when you access things like fill color and font color.

Next is a small (1 row) palette used when filling in spaces on a chart.

And finally, you’ll find another small palette that Excel uses when creating the lines and symbols in a line graph.

It’s these last two color palettes that we’re interested in for today’s tip.

To change a color, click on a current color square. Be sure to pick one that you want to get rid of because you’re going to be trading one color for another.

With the color square still selected, click the Modify button.

A complete color palette will open.

On this palette, choose a color you’d like Excel to use on your charts.

If there’s nothing that appeals to you here, then click on the Custom tab.

Here you can slide the selector all over the entire range of possibilities.

Click OK when your selection is complete.

To change another color, choose a different square and repeat the process.

If you change your mind about the color choices you’ve made, you can restore the entire palette to the way it was when you started by clicking the Reset button in the Options window.

Once you’ve created color palettes that suit your needs, click the OK button in the Options window to exit and save.

And that’s all there is to it! Next time you create a chart you’ll find that Excel used your custom color choices from chart creation!

~ April

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