Name My Tune

I can’t stand to have a song stuck in my head! Especially if all I have is just the tune and not the lyrics, or if I can only remember a few of the words to a song. That makes it really hard to do a lyric search to find it, but I need not fear that ever again because I’ve found Name My Tune, and I can get other people to help me out.

Sing – this is the section where you can put your song out there to get named. What do you need? Well you need a microphone, that’s it. Choose your microphone from the drop down list, then click next. Record your tune and click next again. Now you need to choose the genre, era, enter your e-mail address and then click submit. Then people can start identifying your tune.

Listen – this is the section that lets you listen to tunes and identify them. This is the flip side to the sing section, of course! To start, select a genre and an era and click Search. You can search through the “any” category to get a complete random selection. To listen, click playback and if you know the name of the tune, click the Name This Tune button underneath the player. If you don’t know it, you can move ahead to the next tune by clicking the next tune button.

Help – if you’ve had trouble in any of these sections, you can head over to the help section, which will walk you through it step by step, and probably answer what ever questions arise.

Are you ready to name those tunes? Well, get out there and start listening! Only you can put someone else’s mind at rest by naming their tune. Have fun!

~ Amanda