What does DNS mean?

What does DNS mean?

DNS stands for Domain Name System (or Service or Server). Basically, the DNS system is the database that makes the Internet work. So, each time you browse a Web site or you send an e-mail, you’re using a domain name. For example, when you go to our Web site, the URL http://www.worldstart.com contains the domain name worldstart.com, which is all nice and easy for us to remember, but it doesn’t help your computer out at all. Your machine is set up to use something called an IP address, which is a bunch of numbers instead of the letters we’re used to seeing. Take WorldStart’s IP address for example. It’s Weird, huh?

So, each time you go to your favorite Web site or send out a joke through your e-mail, you’re using the Internet’s DNS, which translates the Web address you know by heart into an IP address that your machine is able to read. So, if you really think about it, you access the DNS system hundreds of times every day, without even knowing it.

Thank goodness for DNS, or there wouldn’t be any Internet for any of us!

~ Erin

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  1. The imfrmation is good, thank you However it raises more questions, what are some domain names?

    1. To expand on Cynthia’s reply, when you connect to a website, the “name” of the website is the domain name, usually the words before the .com or .net, etc. So yahoo, google, worldstart, are some domains. Each of these is really an IP Address that your computer can read, and, as the article states, uses DNS to change from one to the other.

  2. What are some domains that I could use to put down in my server settings for an LGL34C Android net10 cell phone or for my Microsoft Outlook and hotmail accounts?

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