Make It Fit to the Page

Make It Fit to the Page

Have an Excel worksheet that is sized just barely over the width of a page? I bet that’s exactly the worksheet you need to print in one page, so I’d say that extra width is a problem.

What did you do?

Maybe you went back to the worksheet and started adjusting column widths down or maybe you started changing the margins to accommodate your printing wish.

Whatever your plan, I bet it was a pain and possibly near impossible if you were trying to cut down too much column width.

How about a method with one setting that ensures that the worksheet will print on exactly the number of pages you require?


Yeah, I thought so. Let’s get right to business.

What you’re looking to do is make a quick change in the Page Setup window. You can get there through the File menu, Page Setup choice.

Now you’re looking for the Page tab.

In the center section (the Scaling section) you need the “fit to” choice.

When you make this choice, you have a couple of settings to change. If you notice, this choice actually says “fit to # page(s) wide by # tall.”

It’s the number of pages you need to change.

If you want the worksheet to print on a single page, then set it to 1 page wide by 1 tall. If the printed data columns are long, then maybe you need 1 page wide by 2 tall. You get the idea. Excel then scales everything down to fit on exactly the number of pages you’ve specified with no column width changes required!

Once you’ve entered your settings, click OK to save the change and return to the worksheet, or choose Print Preview to take a look at your handy work.

I love this one! It certainly beats column width and / or margin changes anytime.

~ April

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