Wrong Way!

Have you ever found yourself happily working along in MS Excel only to realize that you’ve set the data up totally wrong?

You know, what should be vertical is horizontal and vice versa.

What do you do?

Start retyping?

I hope not!

Do you start copying and pasting each cell’s contents to its new location? Or maybe you just drag each item to its new home?

Either way, it’s time consuming.

Would you like a quick way to make a data direction change?

Good! I was hoping you’d say yes.

Here’s the deal. Switching direction is all in the way you paste.

Yep, I said paste. But don’t worry, we get to copy and paste entire sections of data all at once, not item by item.

  • To begin, highlight the data to be switched.
  • Now copy the data.
  • Select the cell where the data should begin.

    (Be careful with this next step. This is where things get different).

  • Go to the Edit menu, Paste Special choice. (Right-click, then choose Paste Special will work too).
  • At the bottom of the Paste Special window, you’re looking for the option to Transpose the data.

Make sure to check the Transpose box and click OK.

Instantly you should be returned to your worksheet with the data pasted in the new direction.

It’s almost like a U-turn for Excel, without the risk of a traffic violation!

~ April