70s Movie Rewind

70s Movie Rewind

Are you ready to take a blast to the past? This site is devoted to all those movies from the 70s. Even better, it is fairly easy to navigate.

Choose a movie from the Movies SmartMenu, wait for the page to load and bam you’re all set. It seems like only the ones in the brighter yellow color are updated.

This then loads the movie of your choice and you get all the details. Get the synopsis of what goes on in the movie in the main middle section of the page. You can also get reviews and trivia in this area.

On the side, there is some film background and you can get great facts and pictures from the movie. What kind of facts are you going to get, you ask? Well, things like: the year it was made, who directed it, who starred in it and you get a brief plus and minus area of the film’s attributes.

Cool, huh?

One of my favorite movies from the 70s is the musical Grease. I was happy to find a write up on it here. I learned so much about the movie from reading this. I love to know how movies were cast, trying to imagine other people playing the roles that you come to love. I also love to learn about all of the behind the scenes information.

Check it out!


~ Amanda

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