The Serpant's Wall

The Serpent’s Wall

I was watching television the other day and on the program I was watching, they sidetracked from the main subject (renovating houses) to treasure hunting. One gentleman on the program was a treasure hunter. He had taken a metal detector and a shovel and went looking for Civil War leftovers. He went in search of such things like dog tags, bullet shells and things that were likely to have been left or lost on the battlefield. This really got me thinking and once I got thinking, I ended up searching for Web pages where people went looking for the remnants of battles. I stumbled across this site in the process. Welcome to Serpent’s Wall in Kiev.

You can navigate by using the menu on the side or by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking the next link. I just navigated the site by clicking next. It had my rapt attention so I didn’t feel the need to skip around by using the menu links.

You will not only learn about the objects that this group has found, but you will also learn about the area, the bunkers used in the war and a whole lot more. This site was very educational for me.

You will see a lot of war artifacts that would otherwise be lost to the world if this bunch hadn’t gone and dug them up. I’d go through this site slow, take your time and really experience everything. The photos are great quality. You can really seem some of the little details.

Not only is this site interesting, but you can learn some history and see the interesting things that they have found.

I wish the site author happy digging! I hope they keep their great finds coming.

~ Amanda

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