Printing the Grid

While going along the same lines as yesterday’s MS Office tip pertaining to displaying gridlines, I think it might be a good idea to discuss printing gridlines.

I mean, it seems inevitable. Whatever your system is trying to print (gridlines or no gridlines), you’ll want to do the exact opposite.

The question is where are the controls to these things? You just have to know that cell bordering is not the most efficient solution!

The magic of gridlines is found in the Page Setup, so let’s get there.

Page Setup can be found under the File menu.

Once the Page Setup window is open, you’re looking for the Sheet tab.

Now that you’ve found the place, printing the gridlines is accomplished by checking the Gridlines box located in the Print section. (The reverse is also true. Uncheck the box to prevent the gridlines from printing).

Click OK.

And that’s it!

To print the grid or not to print the grid. It’s all up to you.

~ April