The Dog Club

The Dog Club

“The Dog” has swept the nation by storm. You can literally find this dog art on everything. They even made “The Dog” McDonald’s toys. If you can’t tell, I love this art. Right now, I’m sporting The Dog Beagle wallpaper on my computer, as well as, a screen saver from this site.

The site is broken up into sections: The Dog, Pup-ography, Download and the Dog News.

The Dog – this is where you can learn the history and success of the Artist Group’s series “The Dog.”

Pup-ography – one of my favorite sections. Here you can find artwork of 40 different breeds of dogs. If you click the thumbnail of the dog you like, you can see other pictures of them. My favorites are the Beagle, Dalmation, Akita and Golden Retriever.

Download – this is a great section. Here you can find a clock, wallpaper, games and even screensavers. You can register, for free, to download them. Although I think the user ID and password are the same for everyone. This my username and password:

username: thedog
password: lovethedog

Dog News – stay on top of what’s happening here at the The Dog Club with this section. You will get all the latest news and information here. They even have a free newsletter. To sign up for it, you will need to do the free registration.

So, how do they get images of real dogs to look like this? Well it’s all about excellent camera use. You can learn more about this in the Pup-ography section.

So what’s your favorite “The Dog” image?

~ Amanda

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