The Song Tapper

I’m always getting songs stuck in my head. Mostly just one phrase or a line of a song and then I’m stuck. What comes next? Who sang this? Will it EVER go away?! 🙂 Since this happens a lot, I’m always looking for Web sites that identify songs for me. C’mon, you know I’ve written them up in the past! But this one is different. There’s no singing into the site, there’s no trying to figure out the right notes. All you have to do here is tap!

In order to use this site, you have to have Macromedia Flash 6 or whatever the current version is. You can get it here. I think it is well worth having it anyway, because so many cool things are in Flash.

The sections of the site are About, Song List and See Example Video.

About – this area tells you all about the Song Tapper, including who’s brain child it was, the system requirements and it gives you a link to Search.

Song List – this section tells you how many songs are in the database and gives you a link to search by tapping.

See Example Video – here you will get a demonstration video of how to use the Song Tapper. They are tapping in the song Jingle Bells.

So how does it work? Well, click any of the many Search or Try Tapping links scattered throughout the site. Once you get there, you start tapping your song to begin (I’ve found that it does help to sing along as you are tapping out the lyrics), and when you are done tapping, click the link. Then the Song Tapper finds all the songs that could match what you tapped. Pretty neat, huh?

~ Amanda