Lyrics Freak

Lyrics Freak

I’m always looking for good lyrics sites, and I really like this one. It has a nice layout and is friendly to the eye. It also has links to live chat, guitar tabs and forums. So not only can you find lyrics and get tabs to play it on the guitar, you can chat about your favorite songs.

There are several ways to find lyrics. You can use the # to Z listing at the top. Choose one and get all the songs under that letter of the alphabet or that number.

Or, you can check out the songs on the Charts link, where you can see what songs are the most popular.

If that wasn’t enough, you can even check out the Links section where you can find even more sites that provide lyrics to the songs you love.

There are also blog style news articles on the main page that can keep you in touch with some of what’s going on in the music industry.

This is a handy site when you want to find those lyrics that you can’t quite keep straight, or heard some one murder. Check it out!

~ Amanda

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