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Well I found this great photography forum site, where you can learn all about photography from the lens to the picture. The first thing you are going to want to do when you get here is to register an account, so that you can post on the forum and download pictures that people have uploaded.

To register, click the register button (the one with the red check near the top of the page on the silver bar) and fill out the information. Make sure you read the terms and then click the register button. Now, go to your e-mail and click the activation link. You should be good to login now.

Now for my confession. I spent two hours looking at the pet pictures here, so be warned that it is very easy to waste time here and not even notice. I was just thinking I’d surf around, so I could tell you all about it, but then I stumbled upon the pet section, and when I looked at the clock again, two hours had gone by. Yikes! But, it is so lovely to see other people’s photographs.

The forum is divided into sections, making it very easy to navigate. The sections are: Camera and Lenses, The Photographer: Galleries and Discussions, Camera Equipment and Accessories, Commerce and PhotoCamel Miscellany.

Camera and Lenses – here is where you will find the topics about specific types of cameras and lenses. You can even check out the Camera Review topic, where you can find awesome camera equipment reviews.

The Photographer: Galleries and Discussion – here is where you can find images in many, many different categories (pets being one of them!) contests and instructional videos. How cool is that?

Camera Equipment and Accessories – this section is more dedicated to techniques than equipment. At least it seemed that way to me. But, oh, there is a great area on different kinds of software you can use.

Commerce – here you can find forums dedicated to items people are selling or buying. So if you have an old camera or tripod you want to get rid of, you might want to post it here and see if anyone is looking for one. Or maybe you are looking for a specific piece of hardware. Maybe you’ll find it here. You can also check out the forum on how to sell your photos and to show off the ones you have sold. This has got to be a very helpful section to photographers who are trying to break into the business, I would think.

PhotoCamel Miscellany – This is where you can introduce yourself to the forums, make suggestions and even get the latest updates from the moderators.

Well, I’ve got the photo bug, so I guess I’ll have to go take pictures of my darlings, my pets!

~ Amanda

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