Toggle What?

Toggle What?

Do you toggle? I mean, do you use togglekeys? Are you not sure what that means or what those are? Well, togglekeys are any keys on your keyboard that has one or more function.

Some examples are the Caps Lock key, the Num Lock key and the Scroll Lock key. The Caps Lock key is a togglekey, because you can either enable it or disable it, depending on if you want to type in all CAPS or not. The Num Lock key can also be turned on or off. If you have it enabled, you can use the number keypad on the far right of your keyboard to type in actual numbers. If you have it turned off, you can’t type anything.

Now, those are just a couple examples, so can you find some other togglekeys that you use in your every day computing that you may never have even known about? I’m sure everyone can come up with a few, so go toggle away!

~ Erin

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