Format Painter Made More Useful

Do you use the Format Painter in MS Excel to transfer cell formatting from one cell to another?

It’s a good use of the Format Painter function. It’s certainly much easier than starting from scratch with all of the formatting each time. I mean, if you already have cells established with the necessary formatting, why do the work twice?

So, I propose to you one more way to utilize the Format Painter in MS Excel.

Along with cell text formatting, you can use the Format Painter to copy row height and column width.

The trick to adding this extra formatting aspect to the Format Painter effects is in what you select when you start the whole process.

Select a cell to begin and paste only traditional cell formatting.

If you select an entire column by clicking on the gray column header box (with the column letter) or an entire row by clicking on the gray row number box, you’ll get something new and different.

To give it a try, first click on either a column title box or row number box. (Columns transfer column width and rows transfer row height along with everything else).

Next, click the Format Painter button.

Now, click on another column or row heading box to complete the transfer.

Poof! Instantly, the cell formatting with column width or row height is “painted” onto the new location.

Have more than one location for the formatting transfer?

No problem. When you go to click the Format Painter button, be sure to double click it. This will turn the feature on for multiple format transfers to different locations.

When you’ve painted all the locations you want, either click the Format Painter button again or hit the Esc key to turn the feature off.

I just love it when we can make old tricks even more useful!

~ April