The Homepage of Spam

Wait, it’s not what you think! It’s not e-mail/Internet spam, but rather the SPAM that you eat! Who knew there was a Web page devoted to edible Hormel SPAM? There are lots of interactive features on this site. Can we find them all? Let’s dive in and find out!

Navigation is simple. Look below the big picture of the SPAM can and you’ll find the following options: SPAM family tree, SPAM in time, eat SPAM, fan club and re: SPAM.

SPAM family tree – the pages in this section advertise the different types of SPAM you can get from original to oven roasted turkey SPAM. Find out about all the different varieties of SPAM here.

SPAM in time – this is a neat timeline section where you can find out about SPAM from the very beginning in the 1930s and up to the 1990s. Learn about the changes it went through in the last 70 years.

eat Spam – here you can find out all about SPAM recipe contests and who won the previous year’s contest. You can also use the recipe search to find SPAM recipes.

Fan club – do you love SPAM? Do you want to be a member of the SPAM fan club? Well, if you do, this is where you can take care of that wish.

re: Spam – this section talks about SPAM and the Internet. They talk about Internet spam and the SPAM you eat.

This site is SPAMtastic!

~ Amanda