What’s Your Handle?

If you chat online, you probably have a handle, right? Did you know that or are you not sure what a handle even is? Well, it’s also known as a screen name. It’s just a name you make up to use in a chat room to disguise your real name and information.

Most people probably know of these names as a screen name, but the more technical term is a handle. You can use them in chat rooms, when you’re playing online games, when you sign up for certain giveaways, newsletters, jokes, etc. Another example is the username you may use on WorldStart’s Web site. It’s all the same thing.

You can always use a handle whenever you don’t want anyone to find out your real identity, which is a very smart thing to do.

There are tons of handles out there; some very unique, some sorta strange, but they’re all a representation of who you are. Your handle might contain your initials and something you really like. Let’s say you really like horses (my mom loves cows, so her handle is MommyMoo) and your initials are MJ. Your handle could be MJluvshorses or something similar. When you’re making up your handle, you should have fun with it. It can be whacky, serious, whatever you want.

One of my handles is magerin because my dad always used to call me Erin Magerin. So, see, you can use just about anything. It’s fun! : ) Start creating yours today!

~ Erin