Change the View to Change the Printout

Have you ever tried to print out your contact information from MS Outlook only to find yourself disappointed with the results?

Did it contain too much information? Too little?

Whatever the concern, I’d like to suggest a quick and easy way to adjust the printout by changing the way you view the contact list.

With the contact list open in MS Outlook, go to the View menu, Current View submenu.

From the list, choose the view that gives you the information you’re looking to print.

If you’re unhappy with the preset options, select the one that’s closest to what you need and then go back and select Customize Current View.

The window that opens will allow you to alter the information displayed in the current view so you can get exactly what you need.

You’ll find that there’s a Print Preview on the File menu, which can be a way to check your progress as you work.

Once you’ve got everything as you want it, you’re ready to print.

Finally, a contact list that’s exactly what you need displayed as you want it.

~ April