Today’s download can be described in one simple word: fun! It is a desktop racecar that is an absolute riot to drive around. Now, I normally don’t go for the cutesy desktop animation stuff, but I’ve never seen one this cool before. IRod is a 3D drawn animated and interactive little hotrod that you are responsible for. You have to change the tires, refuel, get new shocks and all that good stuff, in order to keep your little hotrod in peak condition. There is even a scoreboard to keep track of how good or bad you are at pulling wheelies, cool jumps and even one for not wrecking you car. You earn you points depending on how good you do.

IRod has a control panel that tells you everything you need to know: stats on your vitals, such as gas, shocks and wheels and it also has settings and options all in one easy to find location. The control panel is also where you can lock the car up when you’re away from your desk. This way, some backseat driver can’t mess with your scores or damage you car while you’re away.

Here’s a complete list of the features available with IRod:

  • Speedometer
  • Fuel and oil gauges that you need to keep an eye on, in order to keep the little guy runnin’
  • Set the Alarm
  • Change Colors
  • You can completely examine your car using the Explore Mode
  • Open Doors, Trunk
  • Turn on lights
  • Honk horn
  • Even send it to a friend

Since IRod is constantly drawing these 3D animations on your desktop in real time, using some older video cards may have a hard time. That’s why YummyWorks recommends that for best results with IRod, make sure you have a video card that is no more than a couple of years old. Also, this download only works on XP, so if you’re running any other operating system, this isn’t going to work for you.

You are going to want to make sure that you have the latest version of Direct X as well. If you don’t have it, you can get it here: Direct-X.

I know you may be thinking “but Chad, this doesn’t serve any real functional use” and to you, I respectfully disagree. This has great potential for functionality. This is the thing that could keep you from snapping after being on hold with a tech support representative or some other time wasting phone call.

After you take the car and crash it into the sides of your desktop a couple of times or try some cool tricks, the time will slip away. Not to mention that when the party on the other end of the phone picks up, they may panic and ask you if you’ve been in an accident, where you can cheerfully reply yes, I just wrecked my car.

You can download IRod here.

I hope you enjoy today’s download of the week and I’ll have another one for you next Thursday!

~Chad Stelnicki