See the Print

When you go to print something, you go to File, Print, choose all of the settings the way you want them and then you click on the Print button to get the job going, right?

Well, what if what your printing is going to take a long time and you don’t want to sit there and wait on it, but when you come back, you would like to check out the status of the printing process? You can do that.

Once you click on that final Print button that gets everything going, an icon appears in your bottom right hand taskbar (where the clock is). You can double click on that icon to see the progress of the print job if you would like.

The icon will look something like that (only much smaller), depending on what kind of printer you have. When you double click on it, you will see such headings as the name of the document you’re printing, its status, the number of pages it is, the size of it and when it was submitted. You can also use this icon to cancel or pause a printing job if you need to do that. Just click on the Document menu and choose Pause, Cancel, Resume, etc. There’s also a Help menu in case you run into any other problems.

~ Erin