Mouseless Calendar Displays

I’m sure that most users of MS Outlook’s calendar feature know that they can quickly choose to display a day, work week, seven day week or a month with just a click of the mouse on either the View menu or the appropriate button.

Some of you may know that you can choose any number of days to display by highlighting them on the Date Navigator (the small monthly calendars displayed in the upper right corner).

So, if you know about all of that, how about if today we cover some key combinations to accomplish these tasks? Maybe a quick tip for those readers who are looking to be less mouse dependent?

  • To display a month, try Alt + = (equal sign).
  • To display a week, use Alt + – (minus sign).
  • To display between one and 10 days, combine Alt with the number key that corresponds to the number of days you want to see. (You have to use the numbers on the standard keyboard, the numeric keypad will not work). To see one day, use Alt + 1, for five days use Alt + 5 and ten days can be displayed with Alt + 0. Well, you get the idea.

All of these key combinations display a range of dates based on the selected date in the Date Navigator. So, if you’re looking for current and immediate upcoming information, be sure to have the current date selected in the Date Navigator.

And that’s all there is to it! The calendar display is literally at your fingertips.

~ April